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Thus said the Land


THUS SAID THE LAND is a process based work that probes the power paradigms at play in any given place. Rather than focus on human activity, the land itself is called upon as 'witness', during a process that asserts agency where it is least suspected.

During the first phase of the work, I carried out site specific performances, in which I set up a forensic square and then proceeded to take clay imprints from the ground within the square. These clay imprints became the record of the 'witness statements' given by the land. In a second step, again, as part of the site specific performative process, I took photographs to record the site in its context and the land inside the square in an eagle's eye view.

The 'witness statements' and 'evidence' photographs were then collated in the form of a newsprint publication, to communicate the way in which seemingly inherent power structures are perpetuated by our discursive practices.

The work was made on the South Coast of England during the politically divisive time just after the vote on Brexit. 

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