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Terce - Epilogue


Terce 2022, Epilogue, handmade C-Type archival colour prints of a black and white 5X4 nagative, 28"x22.4"

Terce Epilogue, Ashburnham Place, 2022,
Set of 12 C-Type archival hand prints from black and white negative, gloss,  28"x22.4"

Terce stands in close connection to site-specific work made at Ashburnham Place, East Sussex. It is part of the wider cycle of THE HOURS, and a meditation on a single negative. Fragments of the same negative were printed over a sustained period, each with a slightly different interpretation of colours, size, and intensity. Together the fragments become a collection of artefacts from a process of meditation and are exhibited in the form of a loose installation.

In 2022, Terce was published as part of THE HOURS.

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